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Disc chipper RT-630

1350 zł
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£ 1,350tax excl.


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Data sheet

Minimum/recommended power 25/50 HP
Weight 200 kg
Max. cutting diameter of branches (fresh soft wood ) 120 mm
Max. cutting diameter of branches (fresh hard wood) 100 mm
Max. cutting diameter of branches (dry hard wood) 80 mm
Recommended PTO drive speed 540-1000 rpm
Manufacturing of cutters HARDOX steel type 500
Hopper 48 / 48 cm
Dimensions of the chipper with folded hopper long (LxWxH) 85 / 85 / 150 cm
Chipper attachment system Three-point suspension system
The diameter of the cutting disc 620 mm
Number of cutters 4 + 1 przeciw ostrze
The angle of rotation of the ejection tube 360˚
The height of the ejection tube 155 cm


Disc chipper RT-630

RT-630 disk chopper is designed for shredding branches, trunks with a diameter of up to 13 cm, and other wooden materials e.g. lumber-mill chips. The thickness of forest chips may be adjusted by means of four replaceable blades (made of HRDOX 500 steel), by adjusting their position against counter-blade. Blades are fixed to cutting disk with a diameter of 630 mm, which due to its weight serves as a flywheel.

The chopper is fitted with protective covers providing safe operation. Discharge stack may be rotated 360˚ in order to discharge stream of chips in proper direction. The chopper is characterised by high capacity and high comfort of operation. Chips may be used as a fuel (useful for screw feeders) or as a compost or a priming for shrubs.

Chopper’s drive is transmitted by power transmission shaft from tractor’s WOM (right-hand rotation). We recommend using power transmission shafts fitted with a shear pin coupling (available in our offer), in the case of machine overload the pin is sheared thus switching off the drive. Lubricating of rolling bearing is done by means of grease nipples in bearing shell.

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