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Model RS-120 (13 HP) + PTO

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Data sheet

Weight 270 kg
The internal width of the cutting mechanism 180 mm
Max. cutting diameter of branches (fresh soft wood ) 80/100 (WOM) mm
Max. cutting diameter of branches (fresh hard wood) 65/80 (WOM) mm
Max. cutting diameter of branches (dry hard wood) 50/70 (WOM) mm
Distance between shafts 115 mm
Thickness of cutters 10 mm
Diameter of gears 200 mm
The thickness of the cutting mechanism housing 20 mm
Manufacturing of cutters Wear-resistant steel with increased hardness
Hopper 62/38 cm
Dimensions of the chipper with folded hopper long (LxWxH) 120 /125/140 cm
Chipper attachment system Three-point suspension system
Fuel tank capacity 3.8 l (95 lead-free petrol)
Fuel consumption 2.1-3.3 l/h
Length of cut branches (6 knives) 8-15cm
Length of cut branches (8 knives) 5-10cm


Model RS-120 (13 HP) + PTO

RS-120 STANDARD mobile roller chopper fitted with four-stroke 13 HP engine and power take-off shaft to enable operation with a tractor. The shredder is designed for processing of wooden waste and branches with a diameter of up to 8 cm in case of operation with combustion/electric engine or up to 10 cm in case of operation with a tractor (min. power of 35 HP). Processed wood is an effective and organic fuel, ideally suited for burning in all types of central heating furnaces.

The chopper has been completely designed and developed by REMET CNC TECHNOLOGY. Completely expandable welded structure providing proper rigidity and resistance. Cutting mechanisms manufactured precisely on CNC machining centres from one assumption to provide proper quality, accuracy and axis alignment which translates into long service life of sub-assemblies and the entire device. Blades of cutting mechanism are made of HARDOX abrasion resistant steel guaranteeing long and effective operation of the machine.

The cutting mechanism is fitted with an expanding and clamping sleeve which serves for the positioning of cutting blades, and also performs a function of overload protection.


  • welded construction (fully dismantable)
  • additional rear roller for flywheel/pulley
  • adjustable clearance between cutters
  • induction hardened gear wheels
  • a long fold-out hopper

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