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PTO Splitter LRW-100

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PTO Splitter LRW-100

The LW-100 splitter is used for splitting wooden logs with diameters up to 50 cm. The splitter can work in two configurations:

  • Table placed horizontally (for stumps with lengths from about 25 to 40cm)
  • Table set up vertically (for splitting the so-called “meters”)

The splitter is entirely designed and manufactured by REMET CNC TECHNOLOGY. Robust welded construction ensures adequate stiffness and durability. Most of the splitter elements are made on CNC machining centers to ensure the right quality and accuracy, which translates into a long life of components and the entire device. The whole is powder painted.


  • welded construction
  • adjustable wood pressure
  • drill with replaceable hardened tip
  • the possibility of splitting meters

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